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Motions in Shadow

(( Copied from the Feathermoon forums, the RP thread "Motions in Shadow". ))


A lone light flickered in the upstairs window of Bruuk's Corner in Ironforge. Stacks of parchment lay scattered about, covered with ink and bear stains.

"Och," Scrollhaven groaned, pulling at his beard. "Whot'm I doin'? I'm nae guild-leader! This's rerdickulous!"

He tossed back the remainder of his mug and carelessly placed it on top of the dozen other empty steins.

Nonetheless, the tired dwarf's efforts seemed to be paying off. The remaining Heroes seemed commited to the family, and there was indeed the sense of renewed purpose. But the nagging sensation of great doom was constantly upon him.

"Och, o' course. It's YOU agin." He pulled out the skull, and stared at it. It seemed to chortle.

"DooooOOOoOM!" The skull whispered.

"Shut it." Scrollhaven growled.

"DDOOOOOM!" The skull taunted. The half-drunk dwarf pulled out an old worn-out boot and started pounding the arrogant relic with it. It sputtered a few times, and grew quiet. The dwarf grinned. That always worked.

Suddenly, a flash of pure blackness sparked out of the disembodied head. Scrollhaven and his chair were flung back against the wall, as papers and quills hurtled around the room. The Skull rose up from the table, emitting malevolent glowing smoke, as ectoplasm dripped from its gaping maw. One eye glowed a fierce purple, as demonic fangs and horns seemed to grow out of it. For a brief second, he could have sworn he saw Andi's face super-imposed over the bony visage, but it was not quite her... Something about her expression froze his heart with fear.

Scrollhaven staggered back up the wall, desperately trying to pull his hat from off over his eyes. The Skull began to emit a fierce and resonant cackle, as the room shook. Dark flashes sputtered about. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the glowing eye, sunken deep into the socket, drawing his gaze with malevolent energy from the nether.

"Shee issss coming." The skull hissed. More glowing ectoplasm dripped from it, spitting as it hit the table it landed on. "The summoner arisesss. Yessss. Your friends are doomed."

This was not the apocalyptic taunting he was used to hearing from the thing. This was sheer and utter prophecy. Something was channeling through the relic.

"Who is comin'? Aye? WHO th' HELLS are ye talkin' aboot, ye daft neckless piece o' rubbish?" Scrollhaven stretched his fingers to reach his greataxe BoneBiter from where it leaned against the wall.

As abruptly as it started, the maelstrom stopped. There was a loud thunk as the skull hit the table, a rustle as parchment drifted to the ground. The room was once again silent, lit only by candleglow. The faint rumble of night-time Ironforge percolated from the window, clinking and laughter from the tavern below.

Scrollhaven blinked, and his hand closed around BoneBiter. He stared at the Skull on the table.

"Doom?" it whispered, almost sheepishly.

The dwarf let out a long, sighing breath.

"Mother o' Earthborn." he rumbled.

He swept the skull into his sack and smashed his hat onto his head. Glancing about, he hoisted his armor on and stalked out of the room, into the grand hallways of the city. He was going to need help to figure out what was going on. Help he didn't like asking for.

He stomped back to his quarters in the Mystic Ward, feeling a little bit ashamed at how long it had been since he'd been home. Too many late nights, as always. Too much drinking and nights spent passed out under tables or falling asleep on faraway tavern beds.

"Lassie?" He asked, peeking through his doorway, "Ye home?"

There was a muffled sigh from the bed. A curvaceous form rustled about under the sheets in the dark room. A soft invitational whisper.

Scrollhaven gulped, and slowly began to take off his armor.

He sat on the edge of the bed.

"Girl, I hate tae ask this... But I need some help. I need some advice. Er... ferm some o' yer old friends."

He ran a hand over his face, and took another deep breath.

"Ye still know some o' those demon-traffickers?"


(( The fact of the matter is, I can't stop RPing with my Skull of Foreboding Doom! It looks so cool when I offhand it, and it keeps saying, "Dooooom!"

It wins the "most crappy item evar" award on the Allakhazam message boards but I think it's the greatest thing in the world! First, you look really funny when you're running around using it (It really looks like your feet is outrunning your body) and second, well... it's a Skull of Foreboding DOOM, for pete's sake.

Scrollhaven's started having quite the relationship with it.

As far as Scrolly's mysterious lover is concerned, well, we'll just have to see... ))
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