scrollhaven (scrollhaven) wrote,

Bells a-ringin'!

Wull! S'been a busy day er two. Last night a few folk an' I met some friendly hordies over on a hill in th' barrens an' engaged in sports an' other games! Quite ennertainin', an' everyone seemed tae have fun. Afterwards I helped me council-mate Miss Zharia kill herself some Ogres in Alterac, which jest happens tae be a favorite hobby o' mine, o' course.

I've been most worried about me friend Andi, a fellow hero o' Azeroth. She's been distant fer a while, an' seems strangely distracted.

(( Went to the deadmines this afternoon in an attempt to acquire the entire blackened defias set for Svanhilde. No such luck. Van Cleef dropped some cloak instead of the armor. I may have to go back with her. Stupid Bind-on-Pickup. ))

This afternoon, me old adventurin' friend Miss Calliope got married tae her Night Elf beau, a big burly feller by th' name o' Reprah. Alas! I wuz sae busy wrappin' their presents I missed th' blasted ceremony! Fortunately I made it tae th' reception tae greet folks an' present them wit' their gifts. They seemed very excited - sae excited thot they an' their friends all decided tae join me guild. Huzzah!

Then I got drunk an' passed out under a table somewhere upstairs.
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