scrollhaven (scrollhaven) wrote,

Tuesdays in th' Barrens

Wull, I've jest been real busy lately! Me mum's infirm an' needs takin' care of, and she's movin' ferm Ironforge tae Thelsamar, so thot leaves me tae do all th' packin' an' arrangin'. Sometimes she falls an' cannae git up agin, so I'm thinkin' o' cobblin' taegether a walker fer her. Me mate Reynaldo who's a purty cocky mage chap said maybe he could 'chant up a stone er somethin' so she could call folks when she falls. He's also tryin' tae attach soulstones tae devices so thot they kin work when ye claps. Funny idears out o' thot feller.

Saw a warlock taeday in th' tram wearin' one o' them cowls they's givin' tae folk whot kills a lot o' horde. Great big scary collar'd thing, whot hides yer face an' makes yer eye glow. Ooooh, creepy!

I went tae th' barrens this afternoon tae poke around fer a good spot fer th' tourney on Friday. Th' hill up by th' crossroads seems nice, s'close tae th' graveyard they've go' th'ar, but I'm worried aboot battle sae close tae th' town. Wouldnae wanna upset folk.

After thot, I poked aboot in ashenvale an' headed over tae Fellfire hill. Thot's th' place where Grom killed th' demon Manneroth. No' sure whot took me th'ar, partly curiosity an' partly... somethin' else.

Th' demons th'ar are worshippin' Mannoroth's great big sundered two-headed spear. Awful sinister-lookin'. Somethin' should be done aboot them. I might raise it up a' th' nixt Explorer's League meetin'.

Wull, time tae go git drunk! Toodles.
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