Behind the Stacked Mugs

Ramblings of a besotten bearded beady-eyed bugger.

This is the journal of a World of Warcraft character on the Feathermoon Server

Raised by warm and loving parents of simple means, Scrollhaven was brought up with the hope of becoming an educated priest. Quickly realizing that he had neither the aptitude for study nor the appetite for the devout, he lived for a while as a mercenary until eventually signing on as a soldier in the king's army. It wasn't until he saw his father fall a glorious warrior's death on the battlefield that he returned to the Mystic ward to look for something spiritual to guide him, and a method to direct both his anger and his joy. Barely squeaking through Paladin training, he was eventually ordained because the abby relented to admit that despite being a crazy, ignorant axe-happy drunkard, the dwarf did have a warm heart and the best of intentions.